about Josh

I’ve always had a curiosity for what makes people think and act the way they do, including myself. This curiosity led me to a great interest in existential thinking, but it also led me to feelings of existential dread. In my mid-twenties, I became increasingly depressed with my work and relationships and had little self-worth. After a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, I found myself hitting the bottom of my emotional well and this left me with two options, as I saw it. To continue to suppress these feelings of worthlessness, doubt, and fear or to become curious about them, to make peace with these feelings and maybe even accept them. I knew meditation was supposed to bring about emotional and mental healing and possibly even relief to people who had a dedicated practice, though I had not directly experienced this with my on-and-off practice routine. I set the intention to practice daily and this opened up a door to a new way of looking at and experiencing the world and my role in it.

My journey, like all others, is ongoing and ever evolving. I know that everything in my life has lead me to right now. Even the hardships in my life, no matter how terrifying in the moment, have allowed me to become who I am today. Looking back, I would’ve done them all again because every moment of struggle, every moment I found myself in darkness or under pressure, was a call for me to wake up and become aware of my experience so that I could take a step into the light. Through honest reflection, acceptance, and self-compassion we can let go of our suffering. Then, when we find ourself resisting our things in our experience, we see that it’s only an opportunity for change!

weekly public class schedule.

  • Samara Yoga in Davis Square
    • Thursdays 7:30PM Restorative Yoga & Meditation
    • Tuesdays 7:00AM Mindful Vinyasa
  • Borealis Community Yoga in Medford Square
    • Wednesdays 12:00PM Yin & Yang Yoga
    • Thursdays 9:15AM Gentle Yoga & Meditation
    • Sundays 5:30PM Restorative Yoga (check schedule)

and for those who like credentials…

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training from Down Under School of Yoga
  • Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers
  • Certified Meditation Instructor from University of Holistic Theology
  • Level II Reiki Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing
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