Getting Familiar with Your Feelings

Scene: It’s morning and we find ourselves at a neighborhood coffee shop, in (your town here). The shop is filled with individuals on their way to work, some adding cream and sugar to their coffees, other eating pastries at small tables while looking at their phones, while a long line of customers waiting to placeContinue reading “Getting Familiar with Your Feelings”

Cultivating Curiosity

My teacher has been emphasizing the importance of curiosity, both within meditation practice and life. At first, I had difficulty understanding what he meant. How could curiosity be used to enhance your experience? I’d grown accustomed to playing with the idea of acceptance, letting go of how I think things should be and simply beContinue reading “Cultivating Curiosity”

Choice vs. Habit

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘people are creatures of habit’ but I’d like to add a prefix to that. We are ‘pleasure-seeking’ creatures of habit. And by pleasure-seeking, all that I mean is that we make our decisions based on comfort. (Interesting how when you read that phrase, ‘pleasure-seeking’, you may have thought ofContinue reading “Choice vs. Habit”

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