The practices of mindfulness and meditation are becoming more mainstream as more people search for greater fulfillment in their life. Work-life imbalance, a culture that pushes personal achievement more than community growth, social networks that leave us feeling disconnected are just a few of the reasons so many of us feel lost and confused.

With all of this buzz being generated around meditation there are surprisingly few resources that make this practice accessible. The idea of meditation itself has become watered-down as everything from brushing your teeth to walking your dog is an opportunity to ‘meditate’ or ‘be mindful’.

The buzz is for good reason, because it’s true; meditation does improve your overall quality of life, in more ways than I can count. But in order to reap the benefits, one must make it part of their routine.

Foundations of Meditation Workshop

I also offer this introduction workshop that is perfect for studio settings and small groups. Contact me at for more info.

Workshop Format (~2 hours of content)

  • Breath & body awareness – A guided observation of the body: We will observe the breath and its movements through the body.
  • Coming back to your senses – Learning to differentiate between the feeling body and the thinking mind. Both discussion and practice.
  • Meditation & discussion – Introduce different styles of meditation. Practice a centering technique. Discuss
  • Creating a home practice – Laying the foundation to creating a sustainable and rewarding practice.
  • Questions & answers

corporate meditation

Want to bring meditation into your workplace?For more information please email me directly at

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